Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Antoine-de Padoue (Sanctuaires du Fleuve heritage trail)

Starting in May 2023, visitors to the religious and historical heritage trail of the Sanctuaires du Fleuve, located on Montreal’s South Shore, will be able to use their mobile devices to read QR codes that appear on posters located outside the various sites.

Visiting tourists will be able to discover several distinctive attractions accessible within the walls of these historic buildings. In fact, these codes lead directly to pages on the website developed with funding from the Tourism Small Business Assistance Project.

This original approach is designed to spark the curiosity of passing visitors, inviting them to enter the premises and discover the hidden treasures of our history.

The Project’s contribution provides the Sanctuaires du Fleuve with an attractive means of capturing the attention of visitors, thereby increasing the number of visitors to each site. What’s more, the technology employed is helping to raise the visibility of religious and spiritual tourism on Montreal’s South Shore, which is currently experiencing a major boom in Quebec.

The benefits go far beyond individual economic spin-offs, as the Sanctuaires du Fleuve help to encourage local businesses by offering short routes. What’s more, the Sanctuaries meet the needs expressed by a significant proportion of the population, who are interested in our history and heritage.